Alice & Dennis Jackson: Expert Spiritual Mediums, Twin Souls, Authors, Radio Hosts, and Readers of Loved Ones on the Other Side

Dennis & Alice ~ guests on over 100 television and radio shows, including Access Hollywood. They are endorsed by Larry King, James Redfield,  Alan Cohen, and appeared with George Noory. They perform in Las Vegas and they are finishing a new TV pilot.  Dennis Jackson is an internationally acclaimed spiritual medium, psychic, clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient.  By working with his guides and others, his readings bring meaning and comfort to people who have lost loved ones.  Dennis has a gift for connecting with people and pets, on this side of life and on the other side as well, and assists in coping with the grief process.  Alice Best Jackson is an experienced Family Law Attorney and a “recovering divorce lawyer.”  She’s the creator of Intuitive Spirit Art Designs, a method of automatic drawing used during private readings and Messages from Beyond events.  Intuitive Spirit Art is also available at:  Together, Dennis and Alice appear through media, lectures, classes and workshops on twin soul relationships, spirituality, and intuitive pathways.  Meditation CDs and products: They host the radio show, Messages from Beyond, on Achieve Radio

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