KAREN ABRAMS: Master Theta Healer, healings on Mother / MOM (Part 3 in a 6 Week Series)

Karen AbramsThis show is dedicated to the subject of Mom and Mothers.  Karen Abrams is a Master Theta Healer, certified instructor and Relationship Expert.a practicing Theta Healer.  Theta healing is a unique form of meditation where practitioners enter the “theta state.” There, they are able to shift their thoughts away from negative, limiting beliefs to more positive perspectives; a process of healing that can free them from longstanding emotional burdens and even chronic or unhealthy physical conditions. Karen first came to Theta Healing after watching a friend transform her life with it.  Curious, Karen began to study Theta techniques herself, gaining immediate and lasting relief from chronic health issues that had overwhelmed her for years.  She also discovered that Theta Healing improved her relationships and helped her achieve greater professional success. A UCLA graduate in Psychology, Karen honed the listening and observation skills critical to Theta Healing through her extensive experience in the education field.  For more than 30 years, she has worked with a broad range of clients, in diverse environments from students, actors and writers, to professionals in medicine, law and business as well as stay at home moms and other Theta healers. Karen’s practice is filled with clients and healers from around the world. She offers Theta Healing sessions both in-person and by phone, and conducts regular classes, teleclasses, and workshops that apply Theta Healing to everyday life.   deborahdachinger.com/ThinkTheta

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