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Debbi Dachinger is a Media Personality. Her specialties are: Radio & TV Show Hosting, Spokesperson, Bestselling Author, Goal Achievement Expert, Frequent Interview Guest, Keynote Speaker, and Radio Coach (Teaches A-Z How To Be Interviewed and Get Booked On Right Shows, also How to Host Your Own Show).

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3 Proven Secrets How To Be Exquisite when Interviewed

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Self Publish & Become an International Bestseller

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Carpe Dream:
Do What You Love Now

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Listen to the multi-award winning, syndicated “Dare to Dream” radio show everyday on multiple networks nationwide

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And “DARE TO DREAM” is also syndicated on 65 additional stations

Previous “DARE TO DREAM” Radio guests include:  Panache Desai, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Dianne Collins, Marcia Wieder, Dr. Dain Heer, Dr. John Demartini, Harrison Klein, Astronaut Eugene Trinh, Melissa Manchester, Darryl Anka, Dr. Susan Shumsky, Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Victor Da Ponte, Randy Gage, Eric Pearl, Lynn Andrews, David Lanz, Dan Millman, John Raatz, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Hazel Courteney, Dawn Clark, Dr. Udo Erasmus, Lori Spagna, Lydia Cornell, Hans King, Peter Canova, Janet Atwood, Leon Logothetis, Guruji Mahedra Travedi, Marni Battista, Debra Poneman, Hale Dwoskin, Dr. Diana Kirschner, John Lee Hooker Jr, JJ Flizanes, Ellen Violette, Brent Phillips, Master Wei Ying Li


“Dare to Dream” radio enlightens and entertains listeners in an exciting paradigm that intertwines metaphysics with a talk show format. It’s a way of interviewing and engaging guests and listeners that’s needed, as people are moving towards new ways of living and doing business, desiring tools to create a life that is a dream come true.

Dare to Dream” receives positive email and feedback from listeners who share that the show helped them change directions and learn to create what they want most in life. The show’s demographics are Cultural Creatives: 20-70 year old, educated audience, one of the largest consumers who invest in self-development.  Cultural Creatives are a balance of men and women listeners who tune in regularly. “Dare to Dream” is characteristic for its lively, intriguing and entertaining monologues by Debbi, followed by insightful interview conversation between Debbi and her memorable guests.